Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creating Reports with SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Course by Packt Publishing Review

Creating Reports with SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services

I confess, it was my first time reviewing a video from a publisher. Yet produced by a Ph. D! I was thrilled yet overwhelmed by the feeling of an enormous responsibility.

Un-surprisingly, the end result is superb. The video covers enough ground for a newcomer to the Reporting Services world to quickly become productive and deliver a stunning dashboard.

Overall, I like the idea of delivering educational content visually. It is much faster to make yourself familiar with software in the shortest possible time this way than reading a book. Especially if it is about visualizations.

I liked Dr. Dallas Srinder’s voice, it is clear and monotone, not too fast and not too slow with no time wasted on secondary items. The length of each topic is sometimes too short, but it does allow experimentation on your own.

Big kudos to Dr. Dallas Srinder!

5 out of 5.

You can purchase the course here:

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